10 Best Pacifiers 2020

If you’re a Mama that is cool with your children having pacifiers, then this is the article for you!

Pacifiers can be a parent lifesaver, but which one is right for your precious little one?  Well, the one your child actually takes to I guess, right?!

Truthfully though, “The Best Soothing” Pacifier may not be the one that your child takes to.  So, finding the right pacifier might be a trial and error period.

There are a few things to know and understand about what makes a pacifier a GOOD pacifier, prior to jumping into the pacifiers that I have listed in this post.

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What Makes A Good Pacifier

Silicone Vs. Latex Vs. Natural Rubber

It’s pretty much a solid now a days that you will find most pacifiers to be made of silicone.  Reason why is because some children are allergic to latex.  Although latex is still an pliable option when weighing options for a pacifier.

Whichever rout you and your child decide on, you can at least read up on the positives & negatives of each!


  • Less of a chance that your child is allergic to silicone.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Doesn’t retain odors.


  • Softer & more flexible than silicone, providing more of a real “nipple” effect.
  • Tends to wear out fast.
  • Hand-wash only.
  • Tends to retain odors.
  • Possible for latex allergy.

Natural Rubber

  • More of a solid texture than latex or silicone.
  • One-piece pacifiers.
  • Eco-friendly.

When The Time Comes….

Now, if you do allow your little one to have a pacifier, the time will most likely come when you need to wean them off of it as well!

When that time comes, head on over to read up on our 8 Ways to Make Pacifier Weaning Easy & 9 Tips To Make Pacifier Weaning EASIER!

So, now you know a few of the differences between each style make of pacifiers and where to look when the time arrives to begin pacifier weaning.

Let’s dive into the Best Pacifiers of 2020!

10 Best Pacifiers of 2020


#1 Chicco PhysioForma Newborn Orthodontic Pacifier

best pacifiers 2020

The Chicco PhysioForma Orthondontic Newborn Pacifiers normally runs for only $5.99 for a 2-pack on Amazon with over 1,700 reviews for a 4.4 star rating!

The Chicco PhysioForma Orthodontic Newborn Pacifiers are at the top of our list for best pacifiers of 2020 because they backed by science.  They were designed, developed, tested, and approved in partnership with an advisory panel of leading neonatologists, pediatricians, and orthodontists.

To actively support baby’s breathing, the soft silicone shield has ventilation holes to promote air circulation & help reduce moisture buildup on baby’s delicate skin.  The pacifier is 100% hygienic silicone and an easy hold handle that adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

So, for the newborn orthodontic part of this pacifier!  The pacifiers nipple was created with a unique angle and lateral curve to help evenly distribute tongue pressure across the palate.  Chicco also made tiny ridges with a slim inclined shape of the nipple to help guide proper tongue placement and support development of the palate and teeth.


#2 Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

soothie pacifier

The Avent Soothie Pacifier normally runs for only $4.25 for a 2-pack on Amazon with over 3,000 reviews for a 4.5 star rating!

This pacifier right here I have found across the grid.  From over 2,000 hospitals recognizing the paci’s safety to adhering to all the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

The Avent Soothie Pacifier is hospital grade silicone, meaning they are BPA-free, latex-free, and can be steamed, boiled or thrown in the dishwasher for sterilization.  They are a one piece pacifier with the back of the nipple being completely open.  That way no water nor germs can get trapped from washing.

The paci has a unique shape that comfortably fits newborn mouths without inhibiting normal development and helps calm and soothe newborns.


#3 Simply Rubber Pacifiers

Rubber pacifier

Simply Rubber Pacifiers normally run $16.99 for a 2-pack on Amazon with a 4.6 star rating!

Rubber pacifiers don’t always show up on the list of best pacifiers, because they run a bit more expensive and many people don’t even know that rubber pacifier exist!  I had to make sure to enlist this beauty into the round up of one of the best pacifiers of 2020!

Simply Rubber Pacifiers was designed my an eco-entrepreneur mom that vowed to make safe & healthy products for children and the earth.  The pacifiers are made from Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees which are then handcrafted in Italy for 6 weeks!

The pacifiers are free of  BPA, phthalates, and nitrosamines, with no artificial coloring or chemical softeners.  They also provide a shield that is designed to touch your baby’s nose which is to closely simulate breastfeeding.

Since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends one-piece pacifiers, the Simply Rubber Pacifiers are made as one closed pieces.  They have no hole behind the nipple, which is where water and germs can collect.

Available in 2 sizes: small (0-6 months) and medium (6-12 months).  Also available in 2 shapes: the rounded cherry nipple, which helps represent the mothers’s breast, and the orthodontic nipple, which is flat on the bottom and round on top.


#4 Dr. Browns One-Piece Silicone Pacifier

Dr. Brown best pacifiers 2020

The Dr. Browns One-Piece Silicone Pacifier normally run $4.99 for a 3-pack on Amazon with over 2,600 reviews for  a 4.6 star rating!

If you are a Dr. Brown Bottle Mama, then you may be interested in these!  The pacifier is shaped just like the Dr. Brown’s bottle nipple.

The Dr. Brown Pacifier is easy to clean, dishwasher, sterilizer safe and comes in a variety of colors.  This pacifier is lightweight and features a contoured butterfly-shaped shield that curves away from baby’s face for comfort, providing plenty of room for little noses and cheeks.


#5 MAM Air Night Sensitive Skin Orthodontic Pacifiers

best pacifiers 2020
The MAM Air Night Sensitive Pacifiers normally run $7.37 for a 2-pack on Amazon with over 2,000 reviews for a 4.8 star review!

I know that sounds like a long name for a pacifier, but I wanted you to see the great things about it right from the get go!  Right from the start the name lists 4 reasons why the MAM pacifiers are placed on the best pacifiers of 2020!

The MAM Sensitive Pacifiers were developed by leading pediatric dentists and developmental psychologists to provide maximum comfort and style for babies six months of age and older.

These babies have extra large open air holes that allows for plenty of breathing room especially for babies with sensitive skin.  They also glow at night!  Which is sometimes a lifesaver in the middle of the night when the precious little bundle of joy loses their paci!  No stumbling around!

The MAM pacifier is BPA-free and also come in their own sterilizing storage case.  You just pop the case into the microwave for 3 minutes and BOOM, all clean!


#6 Ryan & Rose Cutie PAT

rose pacifier
The Ryan & Rose Cutie PAT Pacifiers normally run $11.99 with a 4.8 star rating!

The Cutie PAT is kind of a two in one deal.  It first is desired as a pacifier and then works great as a teething toy when they become gnawing monsters!  The nipple can actually be tucked in for when it becomes a teether.

The pacifier is 100% medical grade silicone and free of BPA, PVC, latex & phthalate.  They are a one piece pacifier that is dishwasher safe.


#7 WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier

best pacifiers 2020The WubbaNub Pacifiers normally run between $13.95 to $17.95 on Amazon with between 4.7 to 4.9 star ratings!

Apparently these little cuties have been on the best pacifiers list for 3 years straight!  It’s no wonder they made it onto the list of best pacifiers of 2020!

These plush little cuties are great for your little one to hold on to.  So, even when the time comes to wean you can work with taking away the pacifier, keeping the stuffed animal and still being able to reassure your kiddo during the process!

The WubbaNub is a one piece pacifier that is medical grade silicone and free of latex, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.

Now, these plush pacifiers are however recommended only for newborns through six months.  They are not suggested for babies in the teething stage or that already have teeth.

Now you can totally opt for a different animal if the puppy isn’t your theme.  They have everything: a giraffe, a unicorn, a penguin, a dinosaur, a monkey, a llama, and more! The list is never ending!


#8 NUK Space Orthodontic Pacifiers

best pacifiers 2020The NUK Space Orthodontic Pacifiers normally run for $7.72 for a 2-pack on Amazon with a 4.7 star rating!

The NUK Space Pacifiers have extra large openings to allow more airflow and help prevent irritation on baby’s skin.  The shield is also heart-shaped so it fits perfectly under your baby’s nose for extra easy breathing concerns.

These pacifiers are made specifically with the orthodontist in mind.  They are asymmetrical with a scooped bottom, flatter to help with natural sucking motions, slimmer to help reduce pressure on the jaw, and narrower to help prevent teeth misalignment.

The NUK Space Pacifiers are silicone pacifiers that are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.  They are however, recommended for newborns until 6 months of age.


#9 Evenflo Feeding Balance Pacifier

evenflo pacifiers
The Evenflo Feeding Balance Pacifiers normally run $9.99 for a pack of 6 with 4.6 star rating!

These pacifiers are specially designed for babies 6 months of age and up.  They are designed for infants and babies that already have teeth emerging.

Their orthodontic shape helps with the soft palate development as babies are teething.  Another reasons that makes them orthodontic pacifiers, is that they are made with soft silicone that is designed for extra flexibility while infants are growing and reduces mouth fatigue.

The Evenflo Pacifiers are a one piece pacifier with an easy-grip handle and even come in a cute little re-sealable steam sanitation bag!

These pacifiers are 100% free of BPA, poly-carbonates, PVC, and phthalates.


#10 First Years Gumdrop Silicone Pacifier

best pacifiers 2020
The First Years Gumdrop Silicone Pacifiers normally run $7.77 for a 5-pack on Amazon with over 1,200 reviews for a 4.4 star rating!

And last but not least for the list of best pacifiers of 2020!  They may be #10, but that does not put them lower on the totem pole!

These latex-free silicone pacifiers are lightweight and designed to fit your baby’s face without being too close to their cute little noses.

The Gumdrop Pacifiers are recommended for newborns to 3 months of age.


The Take Away

Each of these pacifiers that are listed above come with their own unique reason to why they have been seen as being one of the best pacifiers of 2020 so far.  There are possibly many more pacifiers that could also make the list, but reading up on 10 different styles is a good start!

Although, as Mama’s, we all know that the best pacifier is the one that tends to soothe our baby!

So, which ever pacifier you choose, make sure to give it a try more than once with your little bundle of joy.  Babies don’t always take to pacifiers immediately and possibly introducing a pacifier before 3 months of age may be too soon for their little jaws.



You Got This!




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