5 Meal Prep Tips For Busy Mama’s

Mama’s, I GET IT!

Being able to prep a healthy dinner EVERY night of the week is not only difficult but can be very exhausting!

We are busy, busy, BUSY with appointments, cleaning, careers, enjoying play time with the kiddos and let alone even talk about sleep!

I do my very best to have dinner planned throughout the week, because in my experience, planning may take more time in the beginning but helps keep my stress levels down later on.

Although, I don’t have dinner ready every evening, nor on time to say the least!

But, there are a few tips and tricks I use myself to keep the “what’s for dinner?!” followed by “I don’t know yet”, to a minimum.

If you find that having dinners ready for the family can be a stressor for you, keep reading below for a few simple tips to make your busy nights…. well, a little less busy.

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5 Meal Prep Tips For Busy Mama’s


Yes, this seems like such a simple task, but I promise you, it is a meal prep objective!

Take a look at your schedule along with the family schedule.

If your family is busy with Tuesday night soccer practice and that’s a reoccurring late busy night, maybe that night you don’t cook. Tuesdays may be a leftover night, eat out night or PB & J night!

If you find a night you’re not able to cook, don’t put that stress on yourself.  We already do that enough!


Find quick recipes with little ingredients.

You can always add in ingredients and spice it up once you start to feel comfortable with the recipe.

Another idea to stay simple is to use a crock pot or the new greatest thing since sliced bread, instant pot! Using either of these options is a great “prep it and forget it” and not to mention EASY CLEAN UP! Every Mama’s dream!!

We personally have been using this exact instant pot this past year and it has changed my life!

meal prep ideas - Amazon affiliate - instant pot

Now if you’re anything like me, the Instant Pot was like a whole new world.  I mean, I was used to a slow cooker that would take HOURS!

So if you find yourself in a pickle with the new pot, MyFreezEasy has you covered with a Instant Pot 101 Cooking Class!!  They have a whole course dedicated to learning everything about your new cooker, cooking different groups of foods, and 2 weeks worth meal planning and shopping lists!!


It can save you the headache or multiple…

The idea here is to create one or two themed nights.

For example, Taco Tuesday or Pizza Creation Friday. Having an idea on what is going to be on the menu for those nights can make the whole process faster to find recipes and shop for what you need.

Having that set theme once or twice a week can help dismiss the stressing question of , “Mom, what’s for dinner?!”

To their surprise, you’ve won half the battle already. Go Mom!


This tip can save your MASSIVE time!

Homemade butternut squash soup? No problem! Buy some pre-chopped butternut squash and you’ve already saved yourself a good 10-20 minutes!

Most of the time, you can find the pre-washed and pre-chopped right in the fresh produce area, because even though it is “packaged” it is still as healthy as fresh!


If you find yourself with a bit of open time, double the recipe and freeze!

MyFreezEasy makes freezing meals feel like a breeze with the Freezer Meal Starter Kit!  They even offer individual meal plans and “Stork The Freezer” for new mamas!  By the way, how CUTE is that?!

Even though the “extra time” thing seems to be a unicorn in a moms world, it is possible!

We are already in the kitchen cooking one meal, so we might as well double the ingredients and throw the prepped meal in the freezer!

This can be used as a last minute backup on a night that time gets away from you!


We can’t be perfect, but we can be prepared!!

I hope these 5 simple meal prep tips come in handy for you and that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel with meal prepping!

Oh yeah, and if you’re a Mama that likes to keep everything on the phone (I’m an old school girl, I like to write everything down on paper) then check out The Best Meal-Planning Apps for 2019.


You got this MAMA!




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