About The Fitness Mama

Meet Anna The Fitness MamaI’m Glad You Have Joined Me! I’m Anna!

For your sanity (and mine!), I’m going to do my best to keep this short!

Yes, this is an “About Me” page, but let’s put this out there first, I am here for YOU!

I’m a very personable person, so reach out to me with YOUR Mama-Stories too!!


Where I’m From & A Little About Me

I was born and raised basically in the woods of Michigan, moved to Florida, became an ACSM Personal Trainer & Group Instructor, met my fiancé, had my perfect little bundle of joy and now, currently a SAH (Stay-At-Home) mama of one BEAUTIFUL little baby girl and one on the way! It is rocking my world!

The moment I found out I was pregnant; I knew in my heart that I would want to be home
with my little one.About Page Real Fitness Mama

Anxiety immediately rose within my heart knowing that after just two short months, I would have to leave my baby girl to go back to work.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my job was pretty AMAZING.

I coached some bad-a** individuals, won the title of International 2017 Ms. Health & Fitness, lived in sunny Florida, and got to work out (sometimes) while I coached.

Although, being such a personal-type person and owning a small-business,
I was on 24-7.

Then, my fiancé was offered a job in beautiful North Carolina and along with that I would be a SAH with our little girl! (I hope you can feel my excitement!)

Why I Started Blogging

I lOVE being a SAH mama and that I am able to enjoy all of the little moments with my girl before time gets away from me.

Although, I noticed, I still had it in me to want to coach, to teach, and to help others succeed at a healthy balanced lifestyle. But, I REALLY wanted to stay home with baby girl.
(did I already mention that?)

So, with some research and wonderful nap time, I found that blogging could help me take that route!

Welcome to the Real Fitness Mama!

I’ve found it to be my mission now to help other mama’s embrace the journey of a healthy pregnancy, parenting little ones, all while still taking care of ourselves! Mentally AND physically!

From prepping a birth plan, to creating meals for baby (or YOU MAMA!), to starting your post partum exercise.  We’ve got it all for you!

So, if you are a mama or mama-to-be, you’ve come to the right place!

Hope you enjoy the blogs & look forward to hearing about your mama journey!