How To Curb Cravings While Grocery Shopping

Have you ever been in the cookie aisle (or by the ice cream, or chips, or pastries!) and as you’re reaching for the box, you keep telling yourself you shouldn’t, but for some reason the body just does not listen?

Don’t worry Mama, you’re not the only one!

And, for some, it only seems to get worse when children arrive in the game!

We look for convenience, easy, hopefully healthy options for the kiddos and family, because there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Well, here are just a few tips to shopping healthy and to start making those healthier choices!

And not regretting having grabbed that bag of chips!

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Don’t Go Shopping While Hungry!

Point blank, this can be one of the EASIEST tips to start doing!

Sorry to be tough right off the bat, but this tip can be the final score of either a “homerun grocery store trip” or a “5 lb weight gain prior to the holidays grocery store trip”.

There is so much information on how hunger and hormones are linked.  I am NOT going down that bunny hole right this second!

Although, if you want to read more about the studies that prove this is a huge red flag and can save you thousands of calories, then read up on the article by Mallory Fran.

Plan Ahead & Bring A List! Shopping healthy - Image by <a href="">Tumisu</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

If our cupboards and refrigerator are empty, we can tend to rely on take out or fast food, which we all know is not the greatest on our bodies in the long run.

This also goes for staying on a healthy track while grocery shopping.

If your kitchen is empty and your body has a lack of nutrients in it, our hormones can turn on us and our crave-monster shows up just in time for shopping!

So, planning ahead and learning to create a running grocery list can hold that crave-monster down! makes it so simple to plan your own and breaks down How To Make A Healthy Grocery List.

Having a list to refer back to while shopping helps us stay on track without picking up a bunch of unnecessary items.

Stay On The Perimeter!

So, going to back to grade school, perimeter means “a continuous line forming the boundary of an enclosed figure”.

That meaning, stay on theOUTSIDE of the store as much as possible.

That is where you will find the most nutritious of foods. For instance, fresh fruits & veggies, dairy, meats & poultry.

The aisles are where you can build those calories up very quickly!  The aisles are where we want to go ONLY if we have something on our list!

This way, you won’t be as tempted to grab up anything and everything that looks yummy at the moment.

Having the list in front of you can help you stay focused while down those tempting aisles!

But remember, stay on the outside shopping as much as possible!

Grab All Those Frozen Veggies!

Frozen has gotten a bad rep in the past, but has made their way back up the ladder!

Frozen dinners may not be THE BEST options but frozen veggies can be just as fresh as fresh veggies!!

Frozen veggies are picked at their peak terms of freshness which is when the nutrients in them are at their very best.

Soon after the veggies are picked, they are blanched and frozen quickly. This helps preserve their nutritional value and kills off bacteria and pesticides.

Yup, that’s right! Basically cooked already, this means frozen veggies can be a HUGE time saver for you momma, WHILE staying healthy!!



Don’t go shopping while hungry, make a list, stay on the perimeter and buy frozen!

It’s all up to you at this point! Take these simple and easy steps to start your healthy journey while grocery shopping!!


You got this Mama!





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