15 Things A Stressed Mama Needs To Do For Herself

This whole “taking care of yourself” thing doesn’t seem to happen very often for Mama’s unfortunately.

We seem to have a running to-do list along with being everything to everyone 24-7.

So, it’s pretty easy to say that we tend to lose sight of taking care of ourselves when in turn, we are taking care of everyone else.

If you really sit down and look at it, we as Mama’s take care of everyone.  So, if we are not taken care of properly, how do we expect ourselves to give the best care to others??

Plus, we teach our children to take care of themselves and we find that they start to do what we do!  If you don’t drink water throughout the day, how do you tell your child that it’s important for them to drink 8 glasses of water a day? (yeah, try explaining that one with asparagus and broccoli!)

Avoid the motherhood burnout & learn how to de-stress & take care of yourself so that you can take care of your loved ones!

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15 Things Every Stressed Mama Should Do For Herself

1. Exercise

We’ve all heard the most popular way to de-stress is to exercise!  But, besides staying healthy, another huge point to exercising for mama’s is that YOU GET TIME TO YOURSELF. (And always burning off that cupcake you had at the birthday party of course!)  

You are providing yourself with a clear mind, burned calories, stronger bones, healthier lungs… the list goes on!

It doesn’t have to be a full hour, maybe it is a 15 minute walk in the mornings before the craziness begins or in the evening after dinner. (when you need a break from the craziness!!) 

2.  Say, “No, Thank You.”

With no deep explanation either!

You’re already taking care of EVERYONE, you don’t have to DO EVERYTHING too.

Work on saying, “No, Thank You.” to that extra project at work, a dinner invite, or painting the 600 trees for the school play.

It’s ok to say no sometimes!

Trust me, there will be PLENTY of other opportunities for you to jump on!

3. Get A Massage

This one may seem like it’s more of a luxury expense than necessary, although when you’re stressed, your body carries it.

I tend to put this one to the side because I have the thoughts that I would rather spend my time being productive. Although, when it is all said and done, I feel amazing and SO happy that I decided to get a massage.

So, every once in a while, head out for 30 minutes at least and get yourself a relaxing massage.  You know you deserve it! (plus carrying around your 30-lb gremlin isn’t helping your back…)

4. Have A Date Night

Yes, with your significant other. Yes, I know this isn’t time to yourself, but it is FOR yourself. (and your sanity…)

Having time alone with your significant other can help you both bond without cute little interruptions. In return, keeping your relationship strong throughout the good days and days that tension can run high.

Knowing and experiencing the feeling of love has showed time and time again to reduce our stress levels.

So, get out of the house and spend some time alone with each other!

5. Read An Article

Not recipes for dinner next week. Not an email from work. And NO, not a parenting article!

Read an article that interests you or a chapter of a book.

I, for one, hit two birds with one stone and read a couple pages of my book while giving myself a facial mask!

6. Buy A Grateful Journal

I have a grateful journal and LOVE it! I do my very best to write in it every single day, even if I write only one sentence.

Some have blank pages, some may have quotes or biblical sayings.

This Grateful Journal gives you questions to think about and helps give you something to focus on while writing if needed.

How To De-stress -Gratitude Journal - Amazon Affiliate

7. Silence Your Phone

Place that light up toy that keeps dinging at us, on silent.

Limiting screen time is a natural way to de-stress.

Take 20 minutes from scrolling and enjoy the moment where you are not constantly picking up your phone.

8. Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

If you find that you really can not get a second of alone time, do this 1 out of the 15 listed.

Get up slightly before the rest of the family. Actually enjoy a cup of coffee. Start Laundry. Sit on the front porch.


9. Ask For Help

Also known as, “The Hand Off”.  Sometimes as a Mama, we believe we HAVE to do it all.

Although, as my mother-in-law reminded me after a year of drowning myself, is to delegate.

No shame Mama, no shame.

Delegate taking out the garbage or vacuuming the living room. If your kids are old enough, delegate a night where THEY make dinner!

10. Take A Nap

Enjoy a Siesta every once in a while!

The kids nap! (most days hopefully…) You should too!

15 Minutes or the whole 2 hours they nap on a Saturday. Enjoy one!

11. Hot Bath

As hot as you can handle and throw some bubbles in there if you want to get real crazy.

12. Try The ‘Thymus Tap’ 

Personally, I have not tried this one yet, but it’s on my running to-do list when I remember to do it!!!

If you try it out, comment below & let us know how it works for you!

The Thymus Tap

13. Have A Coffee Date

Having a friend to sit down and just… chat, can reduce stress.

Maybe coffee isn’t your choice (I still try to understand how this is even possible), then grab some tea, hot chocolate, margarita, wine, something!

Get out of the house and enjoy some time with a friend!

14. Go Find Some Yard Sales

It’ll help get your mind off the to-do list and just browse without a schedule.

Plus, you’ll never know what you might stumble across!

15. Buy Yourself Flowers

In the blink of an eye, a $6 bundle of flowers from the grocery store can light up your day.

You can enjoy a moment of purchasing something for yourself and the beautiful scenery for the next couple of days!

Maybe having a plant that blossoms year round is your type of flower that you would like in your home.

Being able to look at something that you admire the beauty of, naturally helps us to de-stress without even thinking of it.



Whether you have it all together or not a thing together, we all need time to ourselves.  Take the time and learn which way fits best for you to de-stress.  You won’t regret it!

Whatever you decide to do Mama, give yourself some LOVE and just RELAX! You deserve it!


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You Got This Mama!



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