5 Things You Need To Know About Weight Loss – Part 1

I decided to make this a 3-part blog because if you’re anything like me, I tend to read 40 million different things and then forget 38 million of them.

Plus, I usually only get 15 minutes to myself!

I’m not sugar coating any of these to make you think that weight loss can happen over night or even in weeks.  Truthfully and mostly, your weight loss mainly depends on how much effort you put forth.

Not to mention, that there are multiple ways to lose weight and many reasons why some may be struggling to lose it!

As Mama’s, we have busy schedules!  So, let’s get this show on the road!

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1 Weight Isn’t Just Fat

The scale only tells you a quarter of what’s happening with your body.

Here are a few things the scale does NOT tell you:

  • How hard you’ve been working
  • How toned you are
  • How stressed you are
  • How funny, intelligent, and amazing you are

So, whatever weight the scale shows, that does not determine who you are and how much you have to lose.

Weight is made up of fat yes, but also muscle, water, bones, and organs.

Figuring out where exactly your body stands in all these statistics can help make your weight loss journey a bit more enjoyable.

There are plenty of different ways to figure out your body fat mass, and if you are looking for a quick route, I’ve found that The Online Calculator is pretty darn accurate.

The online calculator gives you a rough estimate of how many pounds you either need to gain or lose to be in the healthy ideal body fat range.

There are also scales that now have the body fat calculator built in like the RENPHO Scale! It is Bluetooth to easily link to an app on your phone and not only calculates your weight, but also your body fat percentage and BMI.

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2 Spot Reduction Is Not In Your Hands

Sorry, but unfortunately, you don’t get to decide on fat removal. Your body does.

For example, let’s say your are looking to lose weight around your thighs and butt.  So, you start eating salad like a rabbit, run your toosh off (see what I did there?) and do all those fancy dancy booty workouts.

Yet, you noticed that your arms are now a bit more toned, but your thighs have not moved an inch! What the heck!?

Well, that’s because your body has the final word in weight loss and body distribution. Your body decides on where it will be taking the fat from first, whether you like it or not.

So, your body may take from your arms first, but then maybe your thighs second.

All in all here, DON’T GIVE UP. 

The longer you stay consistent with your healthy diet and exercise, the more results you will see in due time.

JUST KEEP GOING, and all those booty workouts you’ve been doing will show up before you know it!

3 Not Just A Quick Fix

That is why they are called “Quick Fixes” because it is only temporary.  They can be good or bad, depending how you use them!

The quick smoothie detox diet or juice cleanse MAY do the trick, but only for a short amount of time.

While on an extreme type of diet, you’ll notice some type of significant weight lose and that the diet usually only last 3 days to a month.

Mainly because the diets restrict caloric intake or a major food group, helping to induce weight loss quickly.  The diets are short because of how restrictive they are.

Your body needs food for fuel for your body’s organs to function correctly, mainly your brain!

Another thing with the extreme diets, is that there’s a possibility that your body can gain weight after returning to a normal diet.

ALTHOUGH, I do personally believe that if you have a healthy relationship with food or have been able to develop one, then a quick extreme diet can actually be considered a “Jumpstart” to your weight loss journey!

Our bodies tend to put up a barrier when it comes to weight loss, so implementing a quick extreme type diet can help the body lose the first 5, 10 or even 30 pounds.

Now, what you decide to do from that point on, makes ALL the difference.

4 Everybody Is Different

Why do you think there are a hundred different diets and exercise routines?

Because one does not attain to everyone.

Everybody is different. So, learn YOUR body and find out what works best for YOU.

5 Carbs Don’t Make You Fat

Carbs don’t make you fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Wine doesn’t make you fat. (yay!)

Overconsumption makes you fat.

Basically, overdoing it on calories or any food group can lead to weight gain.

Besides, veggie calories…. I’m sorry to say, you can’t really overdo it on those.

So, yes, you can eat those carbs Mama! BUT, to an extent! So, learning the difference between simple and complex carbs can make a huge impact on your weight loss journey.



So, let’s review shall we?!

You are more than the scale tells you, your body will decide the weight loss distribution, an extreme diet can be a jumpstart to your weight loss but not a longterm solution, find what works for you and eat in moderation!

There you go!


You Got This Mama!




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